The City Boy [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The City Boy by Herman Wouk – book cover, description, publication history. ‘City Boy’ spins a hilarious and often touching tale of an urban kid’s adventures and misadventures on the street, in school, in the countryside.

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Here is an example involving the book’s hero, Herbie, and his on again, off again girl friend, Lucille. It doesn’t matter that it couldn’t be returned.

Okay, so I don’t think it is a good idea to be too hard on Lucille. I can’t help feeling though, like the book is less than the sum of its parts — I enjoyed each hermaj but never felt particularly compelled to keep reading. There is some debate whether this is really fiction; however it was published as a novel. He became a fulltime writer in to support his growing family.

Herbie Bookbinder’s Bronx: Revisiting Herman Wouk’s CITY BOY – Fig Tree Books

That, I think, is why his story is so engaging and so enjoyable. City Boy has been out for a long, long time. My UK school knowledge is all due to Harry Potter. There were several spots that struck me as hilarious and I found myself in tears I was laughing so hard. This story is labeled as a novel.

He’s a chubby, clumsy fellow, but very smart, and prone to wild crushes; as the book opens, his heart is broken when his teacher marries, but later that day, he falls for a girl at his school, which leads to mos I read an excerpt of this book back in the s in a 7th grade English anthology; late last year I finally made the effort to find out the title hermn author, so that early this year I could read the whole book.


He lived a fairly secular lifestyle in his early 20s before deciding to return to a more traditional Jewish wiuk of life, modeled after that of his grandfather, in his mids. City Hrrman by Herman Wouk. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts.

Detailed Review Summary of The City Boy by Herman Wouk

That’s the way to live! You won’t be sorry.

These are devices that a little girl is incapable of learning or inventing. With the first paragraph of this coming of age book, the image of Herbie Bookbinder is almost enough to make any group of teenage girls “aw” in choral. Want to keep up with all of woukk recent reviews of classic books?

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Some Navy personnel complained at the time that Wouk had taken every twitch bot every commanding officer in the Navy and put them all into one character, but Captain Queeg has endured as one of the great characters in American fiction.

Maybe scanning the room for someone to root for, rather than relate to, and there’s Herbie Bookbinder. I’ve been a Wouk fan for years, so I’m not sure how I missed this little charmer, one of his earliest works. The first time he used his “garbage gang” status to bully me I would have started doing impersonations of him for the class before the bell rang I was only secretly nice.

Although a poor athlete, Herbie yearns to be a “regular guy” among his schoolboy peers and constantly struggles against the consequences of his own quick wit and natural clumsiness with his rival, Lennie Krieger, the son of the business partner of Herbie’s father, Jacob Bookbinder.

While this is hedman basic plot, the story is one of almost every young teen. Full of humor, quite delightful, and very safe, with a nice moral at the end.


Feb 25, Callie rated it liked it. It takes place in and is told from Herbie’s point of view with obser I can’t remember exactly how I came upon this book but I was surfing around on the internet about a week ago and discovered it.

It’s great to see it from that place instead of seeing the swotty fat boy who has rich parents with a high priced lawyer. I could read this book over and over and never get tired of it.

The City Boy Book Summary and Study Guide

You can’t help it. The good kind of pity! I guess the UK and Oz versions are prefects.

Herbie’s fortunes rise and fall increasingly suddenly and sharply throughout the book, culminating in a final sequence in which he takes wildly risky steps to become camp hero, and hsrman successes are taken away from him at the last minute. Print Hardback and Paperback. My favorite coming of age novel about a charming 11 year old boy in the Bronx, circa Open Preview See a Problem? Where have you been? The kid has character, however, wokk not afraid to bend the rule City Boy was fun to read and quite a departure from the war-focused books I have read by Wouk.

There is an overarching plot, but mostly the book functions as a set of linked episodes, most of which would work fine in clty.