The promise of Kushiel’s Dart (), the first volume of Carey’s immense trilogy set in a skewed Renaissance world, is more than realized in this splend. Kushiel’s Avatar is the third book in the Kushiel’s Legacy saga and the final book in the Phedre trilogy. It concerns Phedre’s childhood friend Hyacinthe and the. Kushiel’s Reread Kushiel’s Avatar book cover Jacqueline Carey Stranger in a Strange Land: As horrible as the zenana was for Phèdre.

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About this title Audio Format. The author had to pull a “her gods will leave her if she doesn’t do it” to make this even remotely plausible. I wrote the following review for my Kindle copy of this book. Please review your cart. Torn between two loyalties, Phedre starts a new journey to save the missing child, Imriel de la Courcel.

To me, excessive violence usually feels either like a part of the story and the world Abercrombie, Bakker and doesn’t faze me, or super edgy and cringe inducing Lawerence. Retrieved from ” https: There is some dark unpleasantness in the middle of the book that felt like a avayar too far for me – significantly beyond what occurred in earlier books.

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Whatever it is, these books make me think, they make me believe. It is, in a lot of ways, the culmination of almost 2, pages of character growth, because on the other side of Darsanga is not angst or drama, but compassion and understanding and true love.

Spiritwalker Kate Elliott 9. But it’s still amazing, the trial that happen to their relationship.


I recommend trying these books. This is easily the darkest book in the trilogy in my opinion and, again, it is at the near halfway avatra when things start to take a turn.

We might wish for gifts from the gods, here in our cubicles or sitting in rush-hour traffic, but this book outlines the price of being the Avatar of a god kusihel as Kushiel, and the courage required to meet his demands. What will most be left to me is of course our beloved Phedre, one of the most special heroines that have been created. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey book review

Interesting is also the way she is narrating the battles, by reading you feel more like being descriptions of dance than of bloody fighting. She’s a well developed character, but, ugh, untolerable. Love as thou wilt, is Blessed Elua’s precept. Anyway, absolutely brilliant end to this trilogy of the series. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I will not finish it, even though it is the third in a series and even though I usually make a habit of finishing books.

Kushiel’s Avatar (Phèdre’s Trilogy, #3) by Jacqueline Carey

In the end, of course, her avatae and empathy manage to free not only herself but an opressed people They are just such great characters. To summarize, after reading the third book, I can say that this is one of the best avarar trilogies I have ever read.

But keep in mind how much I admire Anne Flosnik’s incredible interpretation of the written words. Plot wise I liked this conclusion. It was so over the line I almost put it down several times but was too invested in the characters. Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay 9. The gods of Terre d’Ange can be real bastards though.


All my nitpicks matter little in comparison. There is action, there is angst, there are scenes that push at our kuwhiel of acceptance, but above all, there is a spell-binding quality to the storytelling that does not allow the reader to put the book down and take a breath. There are scenes that feel wrong to our sensibilities, but what makes them easier to digest is the fact that they seem wrong and difficult to accept by the characters as well.

This volume caps off Phedre’s story very nicely, a graceful glide into a warm loving glow. The thing that most excited me about this book was the kshiel for the secret name.

It is all we need in the end, and maybe that is why I adore these books so much. I mean, that was there — couldn’t really not be, considering. It has to do with his absolute loyalty, which is one of those things I find very appealing in a character. Of course, another element that kushiep is the imaginary world the author creates.

Feb 25, Fey kusniel it it was amazing Shelves: Their reunion scene, after Joscelin has caught the fish, is tender and sensual and beautiful–easily my favorite of the series.

How do I describe my love for these books?